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Before You Purchase

Useful Documents for Download

One Year Warranty

Neabot warrants that the robot & self-emptying dustbin shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase when it is used under normal household conditions and maintained according to the requirements outlined in the User Guide


Note: As far as applicable laws permit, the warranty period will not be extended or renewed or otherwise affected due to subsequent exchange, resale, repair or replacement of the Product.


If you wish to make a warranty claim, please contact us via support@neabot.com

Note: Please provide your order information in the email.

Return Policy

Please understand that we only accept returns for damaged or defective products. We do not accept returns for no reason.


If you receive a damaged or defective product, contact Neabot team within 30 days of delivery via email:  support@neabot.com. Please have your order number available when you contact us.


Where should I return ?

Neabot have warehouse located in Europe and United States. We will provide the address via email if needed. If you live outside of these places, please contact us via support@neabot.com.  

Supported Languages

How many languages are Neabot supported?

5 Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese. We will add more languages if there is an increasing demand for a specific language.

Use of Product

Can I use my Neabot Robot Vacuum with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant ?

Yes, it is compatible.

Does Neabot Robot have the function of mopping ?

No, but we are considering adding it for future products as you know that technology and innovation take time. In fact, it is not difficult for neabot to add a mopping module. But the current mopping solution on the market is not perfect. That’s the reason why we dropped it for now.

Can Neabot clean multiple floors ?

Unfortunately no, Neabot now can only save one map in the app. Or you can purchase two robots :) Of course we are already considering for the future products.

Can the self-emptying dustbin be purchased separately at a later time?

No, the robot and the dustbin are packaged and sold together.

How Neabot handles long dog hair? Will the hair get tangled the brushes?

Works quite well. However, we recommend checking and cleaning the brushes more often if you keep long hair dogs at home. Besides, a cleaning brush with blade in the package allows the user to clean the brushes easily if the hair gets tangled. Make sure to change the main brush every 3-6 months and the side brushes every 2-4 weeks for maintenance purposes. 

Can I use Neabot without WIFI ?

Neabot NoMo Robot can work without Wi-Fi, but you would not have access to all features. Some features such as scheduling and setting no-go zones would not be available as they are completed through the Neabot Home app.

What is the maximum height of an obstacle that the Neabot Robot can get over?

2 cm(0.78 inch)

How often does the robot go back to the base station and empty its bin ?

Once the cleaning is done, Neabot robot will automatically return to the self-emptying dustbin to empty its bin and recharge as needed. Meanwhile, you can change the frequency of emptying in the app based on your specific home situation.

Noise level ? 

The noise level can range from 55 to 70dB depending on floor surface and the vacuuming level

Replacement parts & accessories

What is the frequency of replacement for accessories ?

Dust bag : 2-4 weeks

Main brush : 3-6 months

Side brush :1-3 months

HEPA filter :1-2 months

*Replacement frequency may vary. Parts should be replaced if visible wear appears.

Where can I buy replacements parts & accessories ?

You can purchase them on https://www.gadgetplus.com/collections/vacuums-floor-care or neabot.com or amazon.com. All the accessories will be available on the websites soon.

Are any of the consumables (main brush, side brushes) compatible with other robot vacuum cleaners ?

No, they are not compatible. Please buy authentic consumables from Neabot. Otherwise, we will not cover claims, provide service or offer replacements for products purchased from other brands.


What kind of replacement parts package do you offer? 

Package A at $19.99: 6*Dust bag 

Package B at $39.99: 8*Side brush+2*HEPA filter+2*Main brush+4*Dust bag

Shipping & Orders

When to ship ?

We will ship the order within one week after placing the order

Do you ship worldwide ?

No, we only ship to regions & countries stated below

Asia: Japan

North America : United States

Europe: United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland        


Do I need to pay extra transport fees ?

Depends on where you purchase the product. But usually it's free shipping.


What about the customs fees ?

Normally, you would not be charged with customs duties since we will ship the products from our overseas warehouse. However, if you ever encounter this issue, please contact us via support@neabot.com and we will cover any potential tax or VAT

After You Purchase

Neabot Home App

App Set-up & Connection

How do I download and install the app?

For Apple:

Tap on the App Store icon.

Search the Apple App Store for "Neabot Home"

Tap on the Neabot Home app.

Tap Install on the next page. Your installation should begin.


For Android:

Tap on the Google Play Store icon in the Play Store.

Search for "Neabot Home"

Tap on the Neabot Home app.

Tap install on the neabot Home app page. Your installation should begin.


How do I use my Neabot Robot with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant ?

Neabot is now compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Connection with amazon alexa

   1. Click this link http://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html

   2. Sign in with your amazon account

   3. Choose your region and accept the site terms

   4. Choose a device to set up and complete the wifi setting.

   5. After you complete the set up, go to the ''skills'' and search '' Tuya smart'' (Why tuya smart? Because our app is built using Tuya Cloud services)

   6. Enter the account info of your neabot home app.

   7. Then your robot is connected to amazon alexa.


Connection with Google Assistant

   1. Install Google home APP on your phone

   2. Install Neabot Home APP, create an account.

   3. Connect the neabot robot with your phone and name your robot, such as Nino

   4. Use the Google Home APP to configure the network for Google Home speakers

   5. Then use the Google home APP to connect device ''Nino''


How to add a robot to my app ?

Below is a video instruction to show you:


App Troubleshooting

How do I control my Neabot NoMo Robot remotely through the app ?

As long as your robot is connected to the home network, you can remotely control it at any time at any place

How do I delete a map ?

You can delete it in the ‘’Smart Maps‘’ module.

How do I select specific rooms or no-go zones to clean ?

After the robot completes the cleaning and successfully draws the map of your home, go to ''Smart Maps'' in the app, add a zone, set the function and its cleaning frequency.

Why doesn't my robot respond when I press the buttons?

Poor network, which may cause slow response of the app

Why isn't my Neabot NoMo Robot going on its scheduled cleanings?

The power is insufficient. The scheduled cleaning will start when the remaining power is greater than 30%.

What should I do if my Neabot Robot won't connect to Wi-Fi or loses Wi-Fi connectivity?

  • Make sure your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network before trying to connect your robot.

  • Typical home Wi-Fi networks support 2.4GHz. Make sure you are connected to a 2.4 GHz network when you enter your username and password.

  • Ensure your robot is turned on and you hear an audio prompt.

  • Do not use a VPN or a proxy server.

  • Make sure Wi-Fi isolation is turned off on the router.

  • It is normal for your robot to temporarily lose connectivity when it goes under couches or moves through parts of your house that are far from your router. Your Neabot robot will automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi. If for some reason, the robot does not reconnect on its own, remove the unit from the dock. Power the robot off, wait 10 seconds, power the robot back on, and place it back on the dock.

Data & Security

How do we collect your information?

The categories of information we collect are as follows:

(1) Information you provide 

We collect and store personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, user name and password when you register for a Neabot Home App account.This information is collected to help you complete the account registration and protect your account security.  We may also collect personal information when you send us an email, or provide us with comments, chat messages and opinions through the app.


(2) Robot and App usage data

When you register your Robot with the online App, we collect information about the Robot, such as a Robot name and device number, and information about the Robot and/or App usage. e.g. how long did it clean, how far did it go, did it encounter any error codes, is it functioning correctly.

How do we use your information?

  • Under the premise of complying with laws and regulations, we may anonymize, aggregate, desensitize, and encrypt your personal information to form statistical information or user portraits (but the portraits cannot identify any individual users), and display and push for you related services, products or features. If we use information for other purposes not specified in this policy, or use information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, we will seek your consent in advance.


How do we protect your personal information?

  • Neabot cares about the security of your information and uses physical, administrative, and technological safeguards to help to preserve the integrity and security of all information we collect and that we share with our service providers.

Product Troubleshooting

Robot Vacuum

My Neabot NoMo Robot frequently gets stuck. What should I do?

During your first few cleanings, you may need to make some small adjustments to optimize your robot's performance.


Always prep your home before cleaning. Clear away cords and other obstructions. If an obstruction can't be moved, set No-Go zones on the app in advance. If possible, move furniture away from the edges of carpets or rugs.


Your robot can easily climb over obstacles up to 2cm/0.78 inch high. Obstructions higher than this may present a challenge.


Your robot will return directly to the Self-Emptying Dustbin once it has completed it cleaning. If the dock is blocked by obstructions, your robot may have difficulty returning to it. Make sure the dock is centrally located, with 3 feet of clearance on both sides.


Why can't my robot be turned on?

  • The battery power is insufficient, please use the charging base to charge the battery first.

  • The ambient temperature is too low (below 0°C/32℉) or too high (above 50°C/122 ℉), please use it at 0-40 °C/32-104 ℉


My Neabot NoMo Robot seems to have shorter runtime than expected. What should I do?

Your battery will typically last 90 minutes on full charge. (This varies depending on the power mode you are using and the floor type of your home). If you are experiencing a shorter runtime than expected, please make sure your robot is fully charged. Allow your robot to charge for at least 4-6 hours between cleaning missions.


If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us via support@neabot.com and we will try replacing the battery for you.

Why isn't my Neabot NoMo Robot charging?

First, verify that the base is connected to power and the while light on the Self-Empty Base is illuminated. If the white light is not on, try plugging it into a different outlet.


If not work, there may be a reason for poor contact. Please wipe the charging sensors with a clean, dry cloth, check again if the white light is on.


What should I do if my robot stops picking up dirt or debris?

Your robot's performance may be affected if there is a clog or if the filter needs cleaning. To clear any clogs, first empty the dust bin, and clear away all debris. Then remove the main brush and clear any debris stuck around the main brush or behind it. Follow the instructions in the user manual to clean your filter and other parts on your robot that should regularly be maintained for optimal performance.


Why can't my Neabot NoMo Robot find the charging base?

Make sure your Self-Empty Dustbin is placed in a location free of any obstructions and has the appropriate amount of clearance on both sides and in front. For best results place the dock/Self-Empty Base on bare floor surfaces.


Or because the robot is too far away from the charging base, please try to place the robot near the charging base. Please also make sure that the robot starts cleaning from the dock.

Self-Emptying Dustbin

Why is my Neabot NoMo Robot behaving strangely while emptying its bin ?

If you hear something wrong, please check if the dust bag is placed correctly

Why is the indicator light of self-empty dustbin flashes orange ?

There are several reasons: 1. The dust bag is full. 2. There is no dust bag. 3. The dust bag is not placed correctly.

Why is there still debris in my Neabot Robot's dust box after it has emptied into the Self-Empty Base?

If there is too much garbage in the dust box, it is very likely that it will not be cleaned at one time. You can manually press the ''empty bin'' button in the app to do it again.

Error code 

Troubleshooting guide

When an abnormality occurs during the operation of the robot, the on-off key indicator flashes orange quickly and the language prompts the error code, please refer to the table below to resolve the fault.


Error 1: Please check whether the radar is obscured and move to a new position to start

If the laser range sensor is blocked or jammed by foreign objects, please remove the obstructed objects or foreign objects; if it cannot be removed, please move the main unit to a new position to start.


Error 2: Please check whether the crash barrier is stuck

The bumper is stuck, please tap it several times to remove foreign objects. If there is no foreign object, please move to a new position to start.

Error 3: Please wipe the cliff sensor and move the robot from the dangerous area

If the robot is suspended in the air, please move it to a new location to start. If the cliff sensor is too dirty, it may cause the fault. Please wipe the cliff sensor to eliminate it.


Error 4: Please check if the main swipe is stuck

The main brush may be entangled with foreign matter, please remove the main brush and bearing and clean it.


Error 5: Please check if the side brush is stuck

The side brush may be entangled with foreign objects, please disassemble the side brush and clean it.


Error 6: Please check whether the main wheel is stuck

The host may be stuck or trapped, please clear the obstacles around the host.


Error 7: Take out the dust box

Please put back the dust box and filter, and confirm that the filter and dust box are installed in place.


Error 8: The dust box is full, it is recommended to clean the dust box

The filter is not completely dry, please let it dry for at least 24 hours; the filter may be clogged, please clean the filter; if it cannot be resolved, please replace the filter.


Error 9: The battery is insufficient, start recharging

The battery is low, please charge before use.


Error 10: The battery is damaged or not installed

The battery temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, please wait for the battery temperature to be normal before using it.


Error 11: Please wipe the right sensor along the wall

The sensor along the wall is blocked by dust, please wipe the sensor along the wall


Error 12: The fan is abnormal

The dust suction fan cannot work normally, please try to shut down and restart


Error 13: The radar cover is squeezed

The laser head pressure sensor is pressed or stuck, please move to a new position to start. Note: Restart after shutdown can rule out some abnormalities




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